We Are Committed To Your Health & Safety

We have always been very careful making infection control and patient safety a top priority for you, our patients, and our dental care team. To further protect you and your family, we have put into place new Coronavirus (COVID-19) protocol and infection control measures recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA), the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). We do this to provide a safe and secure environment and experience for you and your family members.

Your Health & Comfort Are Our Primary Concerns

As all of us have experienced lately, changes of any kind to our routines or our expectations can be uncomfortable. This is why we want to share some of the changes you will experience when you come in for your next appointment. Please know that our hope is to make your visits comfortable, that you feel the appreciation and concern we have for your health and well-being, and that you feel safe and confident.

We will also be screening our doctors and team daily to ensure that all of our team members are healthy at the office.

Changes at Oceans

1) We are seeing fewer patients each and requesting as few parents/guardians and no non-patients in our office to ensure Social Distancing. That might mean that you’re offered fewer options for scheduling your appointment.
2) All team members, patients and parents/guardians will be masked at all times except during dental treatment.
3) We have no communal materials (eliminated gaming area, coffee station, magazines, etc).
4) We instituted a virtual waiting room in the parking lot, relying on text messaging, and have patients wait in their car until ready to be treated.
5) We have thoroughly restricted and revised our treatments, procedures and protocols to avoid or minimize, both temporally and spatially, the generation of dental aerosols.
6) We installed sneeze guards and other engineering controls in addition to our existing partitions.
7) We are conducting certain types of our appointments virtually.
8) We are “fogging” our office multiple times per day with non-toxic and FDA List N approved hypochlorous acid in addition to our already extensive infection control processes.
9) We have extensive PPE including appropriate masks and face shields.
10) Our entire team is screened, including temperature and PulseOx, each day.
As new research and recommendations become available, we intend to continually improve these plans and procedures in any possible manner.

Appointment Procedures:

1) Only patients with appointment and their 1 adult (if necessary) should come for the visit.
2) A few hours prior to your appointment you will receive a text message to complete a Wellness form. Please submit this prior to your appointment.
3) Please brush, floss and use the restroom prior to leaving your houme.
4) Please text or call upon arrival and wait in your car (our virtual waiting room) until we let you know we are ready for you.

5) Please wear a face mask upon entering the building and only remove for actual dental treatment.
6) Everyone presenting for each appointment will be screened including temperature and re-confirm the Wellness Questions and adults will have pulse ox taken, then provided with hand sanitizer and escorted to your chair for treatment (no waiting room).
7) Patients old enough to mouthwash will use a virucidal mouthrinse for 60 seconds prior to starting the appointment.
8) Next visit scheduling is completed in the treatment area to minimize front desk interaction and traffic.
9) We will escort you out and provide you with complimentary aroma therapy hand sanitizer.

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