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Josh VelezJosh Velez

We absolutely love it here! We are new to the area and wanted to find a new office closer to home. We are beyond happy that we found Oceans. The attention to detail and the overall feel is amazing. My son immediately felt very comfortable and on the way home told me how much he enjoyed his visit. Staff and providers were very pleasant and had great bedside manner.

Maria T. CorpuzMaria T. Corpuz

I wish I had switched to them sooner!!! The professionalism and friendliness of the whole team is outstanding. Dealing with children can be quite stressful but the staff and doctors are so patient and caring. They make it look so easy! Thank you Oceans Ortho & Pediatric Dentistry for a fantastic experience

Rebecca BodajloRebecca Bodajlo

We love Oceans! The entire staff is always so helpful and caring. We feel very lucky to have found Oceans for our son. They are so good to him! I highly recommend them.

Bruce BordBruce Bord

Over the years, I watched as the alignment of my teeth declined and my willingness to smile moved in the same direction. It got to the point where I knew that I had to do something about it. I went for a consult with Dr. Frank during which he gained my confidence my describing the various treatment alternatives that could meet my specific needs - in particular, as an adult, to not have visible braces and get through the process as quickly as possible. Fast-forward: I just had my Inbrace appliance removed and I’m thrilled with the outcome. My teeth look great, beyond what I was anticipating. The journey was made much more palatable due to the great care, energy, and empathy applied by Dr. Frank and his staff – I always departed from an office visit feeling good about my decision and progress. I highly recommend.

Gina CruzGina Cruz

Dr amy is an incredible pediatric dentist. She is kind and warm and extremely patient and kind. Her office set up is so inviting and bright, clean, and child friendly for all children. My 4 year old isn’t scared when he walks in her office. My 4 year old knows there’s a really cool dentist that speaks very nice to him, waiting for him.
My son is 4 years old and still drinks out of a bottle at night time. It was very difficult to break this habit. I asked dr Amy if she can speak with my son about why the baba isn’t good for his teeth. I understand it’s the parents job to speak to her child, but I trust dr Amy and I felt she would convince him. Dr Amy spoke with my 4 year old with mom and dad in the room. Omg- she is amazing. She sat down so she is level with him and kindly explained in a cool way how the baba isn’t good for his teeth. My 4 year old listened to her and when we arrived home, he explained to me that he will not have his baba. He was adamant about the change. Many nights have passed and my son has no interest in his baba because he doesn’t want to hurt his teeth and because “ the dentist said so” lol. Thank you dr Amy. Thank you. We appreciate you.

Very positive experience as my almost 3 year old was very nervous for her first visit. Dr. Aimee with staff made her feel comfortable and she left the office very proud over herself.

- Karin T.

Dr. Frank and staff are amazing! You feel the sincere welcome by the wonderful reseptionist upon arrival. Then the flowless service begins seemless and precise. It is a pleasure to take my son every six weeks for his visit.

- Melvin W.

Efficient! Friendly! Professional! All go hand in hand when you go to Dr. Frank’s and his wife’s Ocean Orthodontics! My son never complains!

- Jonathan Z.

Dr. Frank and staff are amazing! You feel the sincere welcome by the wonderful receptionist upon arrival. Then the flawless service begins seemless and precise. It is a pleasure to take my son every six weeks for his visit.

- Melvin W.

Dr. Frank is wonderful and we are very happy with the results my son had. My daughter now has her braces on and we are very pleased again! Dr. Frank and his staff are knowledgeable, professional and personable. We are very happy with our experience and highly recommend Oceans Orthodontics!
- Christian F.

Went for multiple opinions and it was an easy decision to go with Dr. Frank, who took his time to answer all my questions and explain everything. Very nice office and very nice staff. Would highly recommend!

- Erica K.

We at Oceans Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry aim to be exceptionally caring while providing exceptional care. The Oceans Team  always provides the best dental care with a genuine smile. We elevate the lives and smiles of each and every person with whom we come in contact.


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