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Preventive Care Treatment

Sealants are a protective white “tooth paint” placed typically upon eruption of the six year old molars and once again around eruption of the twelve year old molars. Sealants fill over the “bumps” and “grooves” of teeth, protecting the chewing surfaces against cavities. Sealants can be placed on baby teeth and other teeth as well. It is a simple easy procedure that takes about 10-15 minutes in which you can eat before and after. No waiting! Sealants should last a lifetime. However, sticky gooey things can pull them off. Plus, things like bubble gum, taffy, gummy bears, etc. can cause cavities anyways so another reason to avoid them!

We use digital radiographs at Oceans. This ensures the lowest dose of radiation. We take x-rays according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry guidelines and based on your child’s individual needs. We carefully consider their “caries risk status” and previous dental history at each visit to determine if x-rays are necessary. We follow the ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) principle when it comes to x-rays and your child, just like we would with our own children.

Xylitol is a sugar alcohol sweetener that helps fight cavities. The beneficial effect of xylitol works by tricking the bacteria into eating the non-nutritive sugar alcohol instead of the carbohydrates that they use to create cavities. Xylitol can be found in forms of chewing gum, mints, lollipops or sucking candies. Some brands that sell these products include Spry, Pur and Zollilolli.

Hyperbiotics is a brand of probiotics that focuses on oral and gut health. In a similar manner to probiotics for the gut, probiotics geared for oral health help rid the mouth of the bad cavity and gum disease causing bacteria. It is formulated with strains to help replenish the balance of good bacteria and support oral health.

Pediatric Dentist Procedures

We use only “white” fillings at Oceans. Dr. Aimee conducts ongoing and extensive research on the highest quality, healthiest and strongest dental materials to use in our office for our patients. When your child is having fillings and needs to be numbed with local anesthetic, please be aware that your child’s cheek and lip will remain numb for a few hours after the appointment. It is extremely important to watch them closely and remind them not to chew at the numb area, however tempting it might be. If your child accidentally bites their lip, you may notice a swelling. Do not be alarmed but feel free to give Dr. Aimee a call and check in. As an alternative our office is proud to offer Oraverse, a specialty treatment to reverse the risks of numbing. Be sure to inquire with your pediatric dentist, Dr. Aimee Leibowitz-Frank!

Unfortunately there are times when a cavity gets really big. So big it spreads into the nerve of the tooth or eats away at a lot of the tooth. In these instances we need to provide a strong long lasting solution. Pediatric crowns can vary from stainless steel to zirconia. The crown will eventually fall off with the baby tooth when it is time to exfoliate. Zirconia crowns are a more esthetic option.

SDF (Silver diamine fluoride)
Silver diamine fluoride is a relatively newer tool in our pediatric dental toolbox, however it has been used in Europe for a very long time! It allows us to stop the progression of decay in areas where a small cavity is just starting or allows us to treat our sometimes “uncooperative” little ones as minimally invasive as possible without resorting to sedation or hospital dentistry. The treatment itself involves some special blue liquid we apply for 1 min. No numbing, no drilling. Dental magic!

 This treatment is ideal for:

  • tiny cavities in between the teeth
  • a child who is not cooperative enough to have a filling
  • hypoplastic molars (weakened/underformed)
If your child needs to have a tooth removed don’t fret! Dr. Aimee uses the most gentle techniques to wiggle that tooth out. Often times there are some stubborn baby teeth that do not want to fall out. Sometimes even “shark teeth” happen. If you see your child has that double row of baby and grown up teeth it is important you let us know.

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)
Our office is safely equipped with digital nitrous oxide equipment that is precisely metered and cleaned for the safest and most effective experience. This is a safe and effective technique to help the fearful dental child. It is a mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen and is inhaled through a “silly nose.” The effects of laughing gas vary amongst kids from calm and relaxed to silly and giggly. It helps to ease fears. It also greatly helps with gag reflexes. It is important if we are using laughing gas to arrive on an empty belly. So no eating two hours before the appointment. Oxygen is always given for the last five minutes so there are no lasting effects.

White spots on your front teeth? Concerned about the appearance? Didn’t brush well while you had your braces and now have white spots? ICON is a wonderful treatment that involves no drilling and utilizes a resin infiltration technique to restore the function and appearance of the tooth. Tooth staining and discoloration has many appearances and even more causes. Insufficient or excessive exposure to certain minerals during tooth development, ineffective tooth brushing or lack of flossing or injury can also contribute to these discolorations. ICON is a wonderful technique that can correct these “spots.” Ask Dr. Aimee if you’re interested!

Sedation Dentistry
Dr. Aimee offers the option of IV sedation with a highly trained dental anesthesiologist. This is sometimes necessary when the dentistry cannot be completed otherwise.

We at Oceans Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry aim to be exceptionally caring while providing exceptional care. The Oceans Team  always provides the best dental care with a genuine smile. We elevate the lives and smiles of each and every person with whom we come in contact.


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