Invisible InBrace Braces

What is InBrace?

InBrace offers a completely unique approach to orthodontics with braces hidden behind your teeth for truly invisible treatment. A personalized Smartwire™ is custom designed for you that gently and effortlessly aligns your teeth based on your personalized treatment plan.

Who is InBrace for?

InBrace is for anyone ready for comprehensive treatment (kids & adults alike!) who wants an esthetic treatment option and doesn’t want to commit to the aligner lifestyle. InBrace’s Gentleforce technology is working 24/7 with no need to take aligners in and out, or monitor changing them.

How does InBrace Work?

Scan. We start with a 3D Scan of your teeth (no more impressions!) to personalize your custom Smartwire™

Design. Dr. Frank digitally plans your tooth movements with an individualized treatment plan, then InBrace programs your custom Smartwire™ sequence to start gently moving your teeth into place. Instead of changing trays at home, you’ll come to the office advance in your Smartwire™ sequence, for an effortless patient experience.

Smile Now. Let the wow begin! You can start smiling Day 1 because InBrace is completely hidden (even up close). Show them off or keep them secret – it’s totally up to you!

Will InBrace affect my speech?
There’s always an adjustment period with any orthodontic treatment, including InBrace. We’ll send you home with all the tools and resources you need to get back to normal as soon as possible, including a poem to practice. Most patients see their lisp disappear in a few weeks.

What can I eat with InBrace?
The InBrace lifestyle is similar to traditional braces. You can eat and drink whenever you like (unlike with aligners) but you may have some dietary restrictions and learn to eat more mindfully and carefully. Sticky, gummy, hard, crunchy, and boney foods can easily break brackets; you may have to cut food into tinnier bite-size pieces; and you may be more comfortable making smaller, gentler chewing motions. Just like with braces, you may prefer softer, cool foods the first few days after an adjustment.

Does insurance cover InBrace?
Because medical benefits differ from policy to policy, our Oceans Team will be sure to verify any insurance benefits prior to your consultation. In general, if a patient has orthodontic coverage, InBrace should be covered to the same extent as conventional braces.

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